dMT SPC® Solid Lubricant for all Wheel / Rail related Equipment

SPC®, our long-lasting, dry solid-lubricant.  Extremely thin, non-migrating coating creates the optimum and permanent coefficient of friction (c.o.f.) between two surfaces.  Reduces metal surface wear by 50-80% and extends the life of metal parts (wheels/rollers, etc.) by minimum 3-5 times.


SPC® out-performs conventional greases and oils in dusty environments.  Easy to install and maintenance-free.


Applications:  cranes, rail-mounted conveying and warehousing systems, rotating dryers & furnaces, railway vehicles.


T-type coatings create a very low c.o.f., resulting in a slippery, sliding effect. 


M-type coatings provide enhanced traction where it is needed on wheel treads (i.e., crane drive wheels) and rail heads, preventing the slip-stick effect and lateral wheel migration. 


SPC® Applications:  crane wheels / rails and other rail-mounted conveying and warehousing systems, rotating dryers, furnaces and kilns, railway vehicles.


We provide products in standard sizes for most applications, as well as custom-designed solutions to fit any application surfaces.


Contact us and let us recommend the most effective SPC® products for maximum surface protection.